Piece Together Your Freedom!

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  • Reclaim Your Freedom

    When your mobility is limited Avid Rehab can help you take back your independence.

  • Go Further, Do More

    Enjoy what life has to offer with the custom Vector power chair.

  • Avid is an Attitude

    With both affordability and durability, you have the freedom to live life your way.

Avid Rehab’s mission statement is “ To manufacture and distribute the highest quality products in a cost-effective manner and improve the quality of life for people every day worldwide.” This is our daily focus as we build product and assist customers.

The new Vector power chair was designed with our mission statement in mind. It has many features to improve our customer’s lives and the quality and durability are there to stand-up to daily wear and tear. We know our customer’s depend on having a comfortable, reliable chair. We built the Vector for just that reason.

The Vector can be ordered with 4 optional power functions that include, power tilt, power recline, power articulating footplate and a seat elevator. We offer multiple seat sizes, accessories, and electronic options to meet your individual needs.

Find the Missing Piece of Your Puzzle with the Vector Power Chair by Avid Rehab:

  • Power tilt adjustments range from 5° to 55°
  • Power recline adjustment ranges from 90° to 150°
  • Optional power articulating footplate
  • Optional power elevating seat with 12” of elevation
  • Dual in-line motors
  • Mechanical shear reduction
  • Customized seat width and depth options

Piece Together Your Freedom with the New Vector Power Chair by Avid Rehab!

image of Vector Power Chair by Avid Rehab

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